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ABDO Florist - A Three generation Florist in Sydney

In our local community it’s nice to know there are businesses out there who do more than just sell goods and services. Businesses that have grown to understand the important values of family, trust, and going above and beyond when it matters.

Here at Abdo Florist, we’re third-generation florists who are passionate about looking after the interests of our cherished community and providing our customers with comprehensive inspiring floral solutions.

Our Story

Humble Beginnings

In many ways our story represents the quintessential Australian dream. The story of a hard-working everyday Australian who went on to live his dream, and create a legacy for not only his family but for the greater community at large.

In many ways our story represents the quintessential Australian dream. The story of a hard-working everyday Australian who went on to live his dream, and create a legacy for not only his family but for the greater community at large.

Our story first began with the patriarch of the Abdo Family, Ahmed. Ahmed was a young ambitious man looking for the best way to provide for his family. He got his start as a clerk in the local corner store mixed business, where he started to develop what would become a lifelong close bond with the local Greenacre community.

After many years of hard work, Ahmed saved up every dollar he could, and when the opportunity arose to become the owner of the business, he jumped at the chance. Always an optimist and a man with a great vision, Ahmed had big plans for his shop. Over time he took over the adjacent butcher and expanded his once little shop to now provide a greater range of goods to serve the greater community.

This is where Ahmed’s passion for flowers started to flourish. Flowers had initially only been one of the goods sold at his shop, but Ahmed now began to see the deep emotions flowers could convey and the effect they had on his customers. Ahmed expanded his flower range appealing to a wider cross-section of valued customers and making it a central part of his business.

Just when things were on the up, this is when Ahmed needed to adjust his vision. Like many other industries, there was an influx of large conglomerate companies that entered the market, which made it very hard to compete from a small local footprint. Ahmed needed to adapt to survive, and with the passion for flowers he now had, he decided to change his shop from a mixed business to operating exclusively as a florist.

Family Matters

It was a bit of a gamble switching to a single line of goods, but Ahmed believed in flowers and was passionate about making it work. This is where the importance of family became ingrained in the Abdo Florist business. Ahmed’s daughter Zeina had recently returned from Canada and joined the family business.

From here Abdo Florist grew in leaps and bounds; creativity, emotion, and a commitment to go above and beyond for customers became central pillars of Abdo Florist. The decision was made rather than relying on suppliers, Abdo Florist will invest in their very own farm to source locally produced flowers and gain greater control of both the range and availability of their precious flowers.

From here, the shop continued to expand offering an increasing range of flowers to suit all types of occasions and Abdo Florist started to reach greater parts of Sydney.

The Legacy Expands

At this time the family legacy began to play a more prominent role. Tye, Ahmed’s grandson, and now the third generation of Abdo joined the family business. Tye brought with him modern thinking and enabled Abdo Florist to go to the next level. 

As Tye explains, “We expanded our staff to hire like-minded florists with the creativity and passion for customer service we all shared. We also expanded our internal fleet of custom mobile delivery vans to enable us to reach greater parts of Sydney and efficiently meet on-time performance. Finally, we expanded our product line to not only cover flowers, but also any thoughtful gift or accessory that could enhance our customers’ experience.”

“This brings our story to the present day however it won’t end there. As we move into the next chapter of our story, with continued innovation and growth we look forward to providing ongoing service to the greater Sydney community.”

Flower Shop Sydney family

More Than Your Everyday Florist

Having established a trusted presence in the market and becoming a reliable partner throughout the Sydney community, Abdo Florist wanted to go above and beyond and provide their customers with a complete floral solution. Not just flowers as gifts, but deliver a floral experience to help customers mark all manner of life occasions.

More recently, Abdo Florist has gone through a transformation in their shop to now provide a one-stop location offering inspiration to customers no matter the occasion.

Our shop has now become a showroom displaying all manner of floral solutions to suit our customers’ needs. No matter the occasion from the arrival of little bundles of joy, birthdays, graduations, mothers day, anniversaries, sombre occasions, other milestones, or simply just to say “I Care”.

When you come to our shop this is where our commitment to customer service shines, one of our experienced friendly florists will guide you every step of the way and answer any questions you may have. We’ll get to know your story and unique needs, and then come up with a customised tailored floral solution that will make the most of any occasion.

Even when you want to make the event extra special, we stock a wide range of matching gifts from teddy bears and chocolates to hampers and permanent floral solutions that will provide a complete floral solution.

We hope our story has given you a little bit better understanding of Abdo Florist’s journey and our commitment to going above and beyond for our customers.

From humble beginnings, we’ve grown to become a third-generation florist with a passion and commitment to providing not only floral gifts, but an overall experience that can help our customers mark every special occasion in their lives.

Should you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us here at Abdo Florist. Come be inspired and visit our showroom, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

For any of your floral needs, why not contact us today.

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