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Flower Delivery Sydney

The delivery of flowers plays an important role in catering for special occasions and events. Not only is it vital that flowers arrive reliably on time, but they also need to be delivered in the same pristine condition that they left the florist. Here at ABDO Florist were different from the rest, we understand just how important it is to be able to deliver a quality, reliable service that meets our customer’s needs. This is why we’ve designed our flower delivery process to be as efficient as possible and leave our customers satisfied each and every time.

In House Drivers

The flower business can be a complex environment, involving the sourcing and coordination of a variety of products. Unfortunately this is where some businesses take shortcuts. Rather than owning the delivery process themselves, they outsource this function to external delivery companies. This often results in a sub-par disjointed service, as these external companies do not have the expertise to handle delicate flowers that can also become contaminated with other delivery products.

ABDO Florist removes the risk of any of this from happening. We have complete control of our supply chain and own our entire delivery process. We have a team of in-house drivers, who have the expertise on how to handle and transport all varieties of delicate flowers. Throughout the delivery journey, should you have any questions on the status of your delivery, we’re able to easily contact our drivers and provide you with an accurate status update.

Customised Delivery Equipment

Knowing how important it is that flowers arrive in the same pristine condition that they left our shop, here at ABDO Florist we’ve fitted our delivery vehicles for the specific transportation of flowers.

Our delivery vans have been fitted with stabilising shelving and a rehydration station to protect our flowers throughout their journey. Since we only transport flowers and related products, this eliminates the risk of any cross contamination with other delivery goods.

Prompt Service

Accessibility and punctuality are pillars that define our online flower delivery service. Here at ABDO Florist we want to ensure that you can reach us when you need us. Our business is open extended business hours, trading from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week including public holidays. We are also conveniently located within 10 mins from Rookwood Cemetery (the largest cemetery in Sydney) and only a short drive to access via the M4 and M5 motorways. When it comes to delivery we’ve got you covered.

Reliable flower delivery shouldn't have to be something you need to compromise. A reputable florist should be able to deliver flowers promptly and in the same condition they left the shop.

Here at ABDO Florist we deliver on all fronts. We have an in-house team of industry trained delivery drivers, who have the expertise on how to handle all types of delicate flowers. Our vans have also been fitted for the specific transportation of flowers, ensuring you’ll receive your flowers in pristine condition.

We offer same day flower delivery if you order before 1pm, 7 days a week, Sydney-wide. For urgent deliveries, we can get to most Sydney metropolitan areas within 2 hours.

If you have any questions or are ready to discuss your flower needs why not Contact Us today.



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